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We're on a mission to help save the planet – one phone case at a time.
Join us in creating a world where style and older phones can peacefully coexist while protecting the Earth for the next generation.

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That's enough plastic to build an army of toy flamingos that could circle the Earth three times.

There are 6.9 billion smartphone users in the world.

79% of a them use a case.

And most of them upgrade their phone (and case) every 2 years.

We're not saying flamingos aren't cool, but that's a lot of plastic waste.

His version of 'playing' with our phones was a little more Kid Rock than kid gloves.

So much so that we put off upgrading for a couple of years and realised that not having the latest phone wasn't all that bad. It could do most of the same things as the new models, software updates continued to add new features and it cost a lot less.

And they weren’t even that good.

We found that cases for phones become more limited and less fun the older they get. And we couldn’t get away from the impact all that plastic was having on the world our innocent (albeit destructive) little guy would inherit.

So, we decided to do something about it.

We created a range of eco-friendly cases that are not only kind to the planet but look and feel great too.

They're made from good stuff

Our cases are made from really great stuff, namely a PLA plant polymer and bamboo fibres or wheat straw, which means they're fully biodegradable.

It also means they feel great (not slippy) in your hand and feature speckles of nature for a case that’s uniquely yours.

They're robust & responsible

The case material is also impact-absorbing, helping reduce the chance of phone damage when dropped (or little ones get their hands on your device).

They look good and do good

With colourful, certified fresh designs based on the natural world we want to protect, our cases are a match made in heaven for the planet, your phone and your reputation as a style icon.

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