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PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor Outdoor Dog Potty, Small

PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor Outdoor Dog Potty, Small

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PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor & Outdoor Dog Potty, Small

The PetSafe Pet Loo is the perfect solution for busy or urban pet parents. This portable indoor/outdoor toilet works for dogs, cats and small pets. The Pet Loo is a convenient alternative to pee pads. No more coming home for lunch or rushing home after work to let your pup out. Train your pet to potty inside! The urine conveniently drains through the grass mat into the Pee Pod and the Wee Sponge powder absorbs the liquid on contact to trap odors and help make clean-up easy. Use PetSafe Wee Care Enzyme Cleaner to spray on the Pet Loo grass and base to help keep your Pet Loo smelling fresh. Available in 3 sizes for small to large breeds.

  • PEACE OF MIND: Great for working pet parents or those that live in apartments and want to train the dog to use the restroom indoorLESS ODOR: The covered waste bin and Wee Sponge powder work together to trap smells and help keep the potty odor-free
  • CONVENIENT CLEAN-UP: The Pee-Pod slides out of the base and the Wee Sponge powder turns the urine into a gel on contact to easily dispose of the wasteEASY-TO-CLEAN GRASS MAT: Synthetic grass mat can be easily cleaned with water; simply remove from the base and rinse.The waste container holds 2 liters of liquid and is made of a material that reduces odor.
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL SPACES: The Pet Loo is great for smaller spaces such as RV鈥檚, campers, apartments and patiosFOR SMALL BREEDS: Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, cats and other small animals
  • EXPERIENCE: PetSafe brand has been an industry leading U.S. manufacturer of pet behavior, containment and lifestyle products since 1991, helping millions of people and pets each year

Place your pet on the Pet Loo when your pet normally uses the bathroom (after sleep, after eating, or after a play session.)

Ensure your pet stays on the Pet Loo until they use the bathroom. If this is your pet鈥檚 first time using an indoor potty, it may take them a couple of attempts before getting comfortable. Praise and patience is key!

After use, reward your pet with a treat and plenty of praise. To help make training easier, we also offer Skip to My Loo Training Scent (sold separately), specially formulated for potty training.

SetupThe disposable Pee-Pod liner fits into the slide-out waste collection bin. Add a scoop of Wee Sponge powder into the Pee-Pod tray before your pet uses the Pet Loo (starter kit included).

DisposeThe Wee Sponge powder in the Pee-Pod immediately absorbs and solidifies your pet鈥檚 liquid waste for a hassle and odor-free disposal. When it鈥檚 time to replace your Pee-Pod, simply throw away your used Pee-Pod before replacing it with a new one. Solid waste can be scooped up easily like a traditional backyard.

CleanTo control odors, we suggest cleaning your grass mat daily with warm water to flush out extra liquid waste. Spray with Wee Care cleaner (sold separately) 2-3 times per week. Once a week, thoroughly spray the grass with Wee Care. Leave for 5-10 minutes, remove the grass mat and wash the Pet Loo with warm water. Make sure to let it dry completely!

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