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Telescope for beginners Astronomical Professional

Telescope for beginners Astronomical Professional

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A telescope that聽can provide the needs of聽beginners and professionals in Astronomy


  • Perfect telescope, suitable for children with a tripod, easy to move and use
  • The astronomy beginner telescope with a tripod makes the observation more stable and provides a good environment for learning about nature and the universe.
  • Use H20mm eyepieces and lunar lenses to view all the details of the moon crater, and use H6mm eyepieces to view ground objects on land.
  • H20mm, H6mm 2 eyepieces, 3x extender, 1.5x upright and lunar lens, 300mm focal length, 70mm objective lens diameter, 1.5x upright lens, coated lens.
  • Powerful telescope for the sky and land exploration, the perfect gift for children and beginners in astronomy


  • Project Type: Desktop Astronomical Telescope
  • Eyepieces: H20 mm (15 times) and H6 mm (50 times) eyepieces
  • Extender: 1.5 times and 3 times
  • Total magnification: 15X-150X
  • Objective lens diameter: 70mm
  • Focusing device: focal length 300mm
  • With lens cap and eyepiece cap
  • Tripod height: 390mm
  • Product weight: 3.5 pounds


  • Extend the aluminum tripod feet to the maximum, until the center tube bracket is placed horizontally.
  • There is a mounting bayonet at the bottom of the telescopic lens barrel. Insert this bayonet into the slot on the top of the tripod.
  • Turn the knurled knob on the tripod head to tighten the tube around the tripod.
  • Screw the aiming control arm into the threaded hole on the back of the base
  • Place the diagonal mirror on the end of the telescope tube
  • Place the 20mm eyepiece (20mm marked on the eyepiece) in the diagonal lens
  • Remove the cover from the big head of the telescope
  • F30070M can now be used.

    1x telescope tube1 1.5x upright eyepiece1 3X extender1x viewfinder range1 tripod (15 inches high)1 H20mm eyepiece1x H6mm eyepiece1x diagonal lens

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