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Wolf Gourmet High Performance Stand Mixer, 7qt

Wolf Gourmet High Performance Stand Mixer, 7qt

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Commercial Quality In Your Home Kitchen

Wolf Gourmet continues to provide commercial-grade items for use in your home. The Wolf Gourmet stand mixer is no exception as you can cook as grandma did in half the time. The large 7-quart bowl size allows you to whip up enough batter for 8 pounds of dough or 14 dozen cookies. This machine is so versatile it will be difficult to find something it cannot do.聽

Unmatched Mixing Performance

The engineering of the powerful motor and gearing system will provide consistent power and speed even on the densest of items you are mixing and perform like a pro.聽

Unique Bowl Lift

The patent-pending design of the bowl lifting system allows for ease in adjusting and locking into place as you begin mixing.聽

Mixing Speed Control at its finest

Dial it in as little or as much as you would like and use the pulse function to mix in ingredients as necessary.聽

Large Capacity Bowl

The 7-quart stainless steel bowl allows you to expand for treating your entire family to birthday cakes, cookies, brownies, bread, or anything else you can dream up to make.聽

About Wolf Gourmet

In the year 2000, Sub-Zero formed Wolf Appliance to create the ultimate cooking appliances for passionate home cooks. Sub-Zero’s launch of the new Wolf product lines was the most ambitious ever in the cooking industry, with more than 50 items at once. Wolf cooking equipment is highly specialized, putting precise control in the hands of consumers via easy-to-use technology. Refined through more than eight decades in commercial kitchens, Wolf products are the ideal kitchen companions to Sub-Zero, created in the same spirit of quality and innovation. And now there is Wolf Gourmet to complete the countertop too.

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